Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Lost Boys

Okay, so what on earth is this about?!? It's clearly not meant to be a joke, but something about it *is* kind of funny. Which is mean, I know. I know that.

In light of the nature of celebrity today-- child celebrity, specifically-- and the legions of Lindsays and Britneys running in and of rehab, it is somewhat refreshing to see a star who is eager and ready to work. Without all of the bullsh*t.

Corey Haim had his share of substance abuse problems, but he's back and ready to "make amends" and get back to doing what he loves best-- which, presumably, is acting. So I think that's great. But, the question of the day has nothing to do with all that, really. What I want to know is which Corey all of you preferred: Haim or Feldman? And more importantly, how long until we see a remake of License to Drive?

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