Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nice to meet you, wanna get married?

One of my latest obsessions is the Bravo show called THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER. (Damn you, writer's strike!) Have you seen it?

Well, if not, you must start watching it. Immediately. On it, third generation matchmaker Patti sets up millionaires with the women of their dreams. And we TV viewers get to watch them from the first meeting all the way through to their first date.

The season finale truly ended the season with a bang—handsome real estate developer Paul took out "nice Jewish girl" Cidney, and in a moment that was "totally out of character" (his words), he actually proposed!

Yes, you read that right. They were on their first date EVER and he proposed!

Nice Jewish boy meets nice Jewish girl, right? Now, I know I should just look at this from the romantic part of me and say it was truly love at first sight. But, there's something about this that's bothering me, and it's not just the fact that nice Jewish girls don't do Playboy. I'd like to think that he just got caught up in the moment and felt a genuine connection to this woman. In that moment, he truly felt that this was a woman he could spend the rest of his life with. And we've all had first dates like that, haven't we? First dates where we got swept away and began referring to our dates as "our future husband" to friends and family the very next day. First dates were everything just seemed so perfect that you wanted to freeze the moment in time for an eternity. (Granted, that feeling usually went away by the time you got to date two and he was rude to a waiter/ wore those atrocious pants/ talked about his ex the whole night, but hey! The feeling was there for that first night. You just know it was!)

What's really bothering me about this whole thing is the fact that if a woman *dared* to make such a proclamation as this on a first date, the guy would be out of there faster than you can say: psycho! At the end of the episode, we learned that Cidney moved to Las Vegas to be closer to Paul and to give things a shot. But if the roles were reversed, Paul would have been asking the Millionaire Matchmaker for his money back.

On a first date, a woman can barely tell a guy that she likes his shirt without the guy packing up and running for the hills. So, why is something like this okay for a guy? Why is it that when a guy does it, he's perceived as romantic and in touch with his feelings, but if a girl professes to love at first sight, she's considered desperate and insane?

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