Monday, June 15, 2009

It's all right, cause I'm saved by the bell

I now officially love Mark-Paul Gosselaar.  Er, I mean Zack Morris.  

You see, Jimmy Fallon's been trying to organize a Saved by the Bell reunion, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar came onto the show to promote his latest venture, Raising the Bar on TNT, and also to pledge his commitment to a Saved By the Bell reunion.  But, the best part?  He does the entire thing totally in character as Zack Morris.

That's right.  He comes on as Zack Morris.  And then doesn't break character.  Not even once.

I love it when people don't take themselves too seriously.  Now, Gosselaar could have come on the show and just spoken about his latest TV show.  He's an established actor with a new show and some serious acting under his belt (he had a great run on NYPD Blue, if you recall).  But he instead chose to have some fun with the role that got his whole career started.  The result is absolutely hilarious and shows us fans what a good sport he is.  (And how he still looks exactly the same twenty years later!)

Here's the clip on Jimmy Fallon:


purplg8r said...

That was AWESOME! I hope there is a SBTB reunion!

Marie Burton said...

I am ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed that video... OMG.
Loved his 80's outfit too! and the phone.. interesting the now disgusting Skreech isn't in on the "Class reunion" yet.