Monday, May 24, 2010

Get lost

So, did you see it?! Did you watch it? Were you like me, waiting for years in anticipation, all culminating in last night's series finale of LOST?! Did you watch all forty-seven hours of LOST-related programming?

Well, I did. And now I feel just like John Locke. For years, I believed. I truly thought that the show creators and writers would wrap the show up and answer all of the questions I've been wondering about for years. (Years!!)

But, instead, the show creators and writers were like the Man in Black: laughing at me, mocking me for my faith. They didn't answer so many of the questions that have been out there for years (Why can't women maintain pregnancies on the island? What was the point of Walt and Michael? And what the heck was with the temple at the beginning of season six?! Feel free to leave your own unanswered questions in the comment section!), and now I just feel like I was a fool to have obsessed about the show for so long.

The only thing that can really make me feel any better right now is a photo of Sawyer with his shirt off, so for old times sake, let's see that one more time:

Yup, I feel better already.

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