Thursday, October 6, 2011

Political drama

I usually don't talk about politics on this blog much, but there's an issue that I've been wanting to discuss for a really long time now.  It's something I feel passionately about, and something that I think you should feel passionate about as well.

Michelle Obama's wardrobe.

Is she the best dressed first lady since Jackie O or what?!  New York Mag has this awesome Michelle Obama look book, which I just drool over all the time.  I pretty much want everything she ever dresses in.  She probably sends J. Crew's sales soaring every time she wears one of their cute sweaters.  (Seriously, tho, are you not on J. Crew's website right now looking for that awesome argyle one she just wore gardening?!)

Every American needs to stand for something, and for me, I firmly believe in the First Lady's right to look awesome!  Is it just me or are her outfits totally drool worthy?!

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