Thursday, January 19, 2012

God, have I wasted a lot of time on Twitter or what?!

And yes, I've been neglecting my blog!  But, seriously, that Twitter is all encompassing!  Not following me yet?  Check me out at @BrendaJanowitz.  Because, you know, that's my name.

The thing with Twitter is that it's making me feel like my every thought is important, worthy of letting the world know.  And, really, my thoughts aren't quite that interesting.  Twitter is so immediate that it sucks you in-- you want to be part of this whole "now" thing, so you just tweet and tweet and tweet your little heart out.

But what I really do best is write and then re-write and then re-write some more!  I'm not used to drafting things and then putting them out into the world quite this quickly.  When I write my novels, I do a first draft, and then my first readers take a peek.  Then I do another draft or two and send it to my agent.  Then (are you sensing a pattern here?), I do another draft or two and send it to my editor.  So, really, there's a ton of thought that goes into each and every word on the page.

Not so with Twitter.  On Twitter, you just write quickly, hope it meets the character limit, and click send.  Now, I suppose I could be more discriminating with my tweets, but that's not really the point of Twitter, is it?

So, what I'm wondering is: Is it a good thing to just get your thoughts right out there without editing?  Or is editing a good thing?  Could we all use a little more editing?

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