Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tag, you're it!

I'm so excited because I've been invited to participate in the Next Big Thing blog hop!

So, I guess the first thing you’re thinking is: what the heck is a blog hop?!

A blog hop is like a giant game of tag to help readers discover authors who are new to them. This week, Judith Arnold is "it" and so on her blog today, she's answering a bunch of questions about her current work in progress.  She's tagged me for next week, so next Wednesday, I'm "it" and I'll be here answering questions about my most recent project.

Fun, right?  So, head on over to Judith's blog and check out what she's working on.  And then check out everyone who's been tagged.  

Don't forget to come back here next Wednesday-- I'll be answering all of your deepest, darkest questions. Okay, might've taken that too far, but you get my point.  Come back!!

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