Friday, November 28, 2008

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Ophira and Tali Edut, The AstroTwins

Today we're chatting with the Astro Twins, Ophira and Tali Edut. I'm so thrilled that they're here today, since their latest book, The The AstroTwins' Love Zodiac: The Essential Astrology Guide for Women is now out in bookstores! Enter to win a free copy in our Holiday Book Giveaway!

And now, without further ado, I give you the Astro Twins!

How did you first get into astrology?

We first discovered astrology when we were 21, studying art at the University of Michigan. A friend printed out a comprehensive chart based on our time, date and place of birth, and it was bizarrely on point. We were like, how on earth can anyone know so much about us? Being naturally curious yet a little skeptical, we wanted to see if this was a fluke or if there was something more to it. We started doing our friends' charts and were shocked by how many accurate details and insights there were. From there, we began reading and learning everything about astrology and it unfolded from there. We were hired to write a column for Teen People, then a bunch of others followed:,,, and Sirius Radio. We now do horoscopes for over 50 million people a month.

What are some celebrity couples that will last/ won’t last because of their zodiac signs?

It’s really a matter of timing…what’s in the stars that month or year. For example, Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius and she’s highly compatible with Libra John Mayer. However, next year Jupiter will be in Aquarius, making Jennifer more independent. She could be dumping him for a change! That said, our money is on Reese and Jake (Aries and Sagittarius, compatible Fire signs). There could be trouble in paradise for Mariah Carey (Aries) and Nick Cannon (Libra) later in the year, when Saturn moves into Libra, her relationship sector. She could start to get a little paranoid about the age difference, and he may have an identity crisis, like “How the heck did I end up here?”

What is Chinese astrology and what does it have to do with the zodiac that most of us are familiar with?

It corresponds with Jupiter, which moves once a year. So every January or February, the Chinese calendar changes and a different animal, and that’s what you’re born under. It’s actually fascinating, and we’ve become obsessed with it over the past few years. (You can read about your Chinese horoscope on our website)

Can you tell someone’s sign just by looking at them?

A lot of the times, yes—and if not, we know after asking a question or two. Sometimes, your ascendant (“rising sign”) is very different than your Sun sign, and can make you resemble a different sign. For example, we’re Sagittarius, but with a Capricorn rising, which makes us come across as more serious and business-focused than the typical Sag. You can actually do a free sample chart on our site and find out your whole chart.

How far into a relationship should a woman find out her partner’s zodiac sign?

As soon as possible! We like to say that a lot of women accidentally do the wrong thing with the right guy. We broke our book up into the various phases of a relationship, so there are very specific “start-up” tips for what each guy is like on a first date, how he courts you, how you know he’s into you, and how to prepare for his first home visit or meeting his parents.

Should you break up with someone if you learn that your zodiac signs are not compatible?

Absolutely not. In fact, we don’t follow any rules there at all. We believe that any match can work with a combination of self-awareness and acceptance. Sure, some may require a little more flexibility and compromise. It’s really everyone’s choice. Easy isn’t always best. Sometimes, dating a person very different from you can spur amazing growth because you’re forced to look at yourself.

How will this book help women in their dating lives? Will married women benefit from the book?

Women in any phase of a relationship—single, dating, or married—can get a ton of practical advice from this book. It’s a 450-page guide to the men of every sign. Each chapter gets really in depth about what makes them tick. It was written to help women understand any man, be it your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, son, friend, coworker…you name it.

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