Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been watching the new 90210, and it's made me so incredibly nostalgic for the original 90210. My husband sent me this clip and it just cracked me up! How did the actors actually keep straight faces when they filmed this?! It's so ridiculous, so campy, that it's-- dare I say-- brilliant!

It made me think of some of my favorite teen shows (Gossip Girl, anyone?!) and what happens when they graduate high school. I mean, WHY did they let Donna Martin graduate? Dylan clearly states that if Donna Martin doesn't graduate, summer school registration will break records. So, in that case, if Donna Martin didn't graduate, no one else would.

But for a show like 90210, wouldn't it have been a GOOD thing if no one ever graduated? Aren't all of these shows waaay better when the kids stay in school (which, for any kids reading my blog out there, is a really good message-- stay in school, kids!!!)? The shows are always at their best when the cast is still in high school. I'm genuinely worried about what will happen when Serena and Blair graduate come May!

So, Josh Schwartz, listen up-- if someone gets drunk at the prom, put your foot down and keep everyone in school for one more year. Really, it's for the good of everyone involved.


Aunt J-ha said...

Soapnet is having a "Kelly's Leftovers" Marathon on Black friday. My Tivo is going to be full for months.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right. yale would never live up to the standards we've become accustomed to from blair and company. maybe chuck can steal the SATs or something like that. it's been done. that would be a great way to hold back the class!

Juicebox Mom said...

i'm addicted to the old 90210's on Soapnet everyday at 11 and 12 so I tape it and sneak it in when the kids asleep :-)