Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day, a LOT more touring!

I'm all over the blogosphere today, and I'm loving it!

Check me out of over at Roberta Isleib's blog, as well as Jessica Brody's The Writer's Life. Hank Phillipe Ryan's also got me on her site, and the interview will get you humming! If you recall a few weeks ago, I interviewed Melissa Clark, and now she's returning the favor on her blog. I'm also featured on Saralee Rosenberg's blog. Last but not least, check out Ellen Meister's Side Dish for a tasty interview!

Think that's a lot? Yes, it is-- I know. But wait, there's more!!!

Judy Larsen's not only running an interview on her blog, but she's also giving away a copy of JACK! You think that's good? Well, she's not the only one giving it away: Marilyn Brant's giving away a copy, too! Hop on over to Joanne Rendell's site for yet another interview and giveaway! Or, if you like reading in your pajamas, head over to Carleen Brice's The Pajama Gardener to enter to win.

So many interviews and giveaways, so little time!!!


Judy Merrill Larsen said...

How fun to be "linking" buddies as well as GCCers! I'm so happy to be touring you and offering the book giveaway.

Carleen Brice said...

You're the Queen of the Internets! Enjoy!