Monday, January 19, 2009

Greatest. Thing. Ever.

We've heard grumblings of a Gossip Girl spin-off for a while now, but I refused to let myself believe, lest my heart break when the plans inevitably get canceled.

But the New York Times is reporting that there are, in fact, plans for a Gossip Girl spin-off in the works. (And if the New York Times says it, well, then, you know it's, like, totally true.)

And the news just gets more fabulous from there. Not only is it a spin-off, but, better yet, it's a PRE-quel to Gossip Girl!

Be still my heart....

According to the Times, the pre-quel will focus on Lily Van der Woodsen, nee Rhodes, and is set to take place in LA in the 80s. Apparently, the first episode with young Lily will air on May 11, so set those DVRs now! (Okay, yes, I know that you can't actually set your DVR for five months in the future, but you get the general point I'm trying to make. Screw your cousin's best friend's dog's wedding-- Save this date NOW!!!)

This is clearly the Greatest. Thing. Ever. Well, besides the fact that the CW has now got an actual real live Gossip Girl blog! So, yes, now you can watch the show, obsess with friends about it, read the NY Mag recaps, and ALSO read the actual Gossip Girl blog!

Christmas comes early this year!!!

Now for the important questions: who will they cast as the lovely young Lily? And more importantly, who will they cast as crazy hot Rufus?!


Brooke Reviews said...

Wow that's pretty cool. I think the woman who plays Lily is beautiful! I had no idea they were doing this. :)

Ella Susan said...

Could anything be more fun than having it set in the 80's? For that reason alone I would watch it! The styles, the music, the hair...