Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes man

Have you heard the news? Well, the first bit of news is that they're doing a re-make of Footloose. And what's even more exciting than that is the fact that they've got Zac Efron all set to star!

Which brings me to the second bit of news. Seems Zac Efron's dropped out of the project. Perez Hilton's reporting that it's because he doesn't want to do another musical right now. (Or, for those High School Musical fans out there-- he doesn't want to do another muse-ick-ahl.)

Doesn't want to do another musical? Zac Efron's star is totally on the rise, thanks in large part to his star turns in High School Musical and Hairspray. So, what's this about not wanting to do another musical?

But it brings up another question: in your career, when is it a good idea to say 'no' to something? In my career, it's always served me well to always say yes. Even if I'm tired of something. Or don't have the time.

Two months before my wedding, my publisher asked me to write a short story featuring the protagonist from my two novels. Now, in the months before my wedding, the last thing I wanted to do was add more work to my plate, but I had a long talk with my agent and we agreed that when given an opportunity, no matter how inconvenient it may be, it's always a really good idea to say yes.

So, what do you think? Is it always a good idea to say yes? Are there times in your career when it's a good idea to actually say no?

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Kaye said...

Makes me think of that old cliche my mother used to spout from time to time. Probably still applicable~
"Make hay while the sun shines"