Monday, April 6, 2009

Gotta cut loose....

I know, I know. You must all think that I'm completely obsessed with Kevin Bacon by now....

Well, last week we talked about how Zac Efron's sick of doing musicals, and has dropped out of the planned Footloose remake. I asked all of you whether or not it was ever a good idea to turn down work, and Kaye agreed with me that it's probably not.

Perez Hilton's now reporting that the delicious Chase Crawford screen tested for the star role in Footloose. Hmm, let's see-- good looks? Check! Dances? Um, okay, maybe we don't know whether or not he dances yet, but who cares?! (see, supra, good looks) If Dancing with the Stars has taught us nothing, it's that great dancers can be made! (If they don't get horribly injured first.) Chase would make a great Ren, and Perez reports that his screen test went really well. And yes, I believe everything I read on Perez.

What I find most interesting about all of this is that on Confessions of a Teen Idol (just one of the many fine reality offerings on VH1), Christopher Atkins talked about the casting of the original Footloose. Seems he was slated to star, but it all fell apart when his personal life just took over. And then the role went to Kevin Bacon. Who went on to have an unbelievable career, whereas Christopher Atkins' career just sort of stalled. (But yes, he's still totally hot.) At the time he began his VH1 show, he was actually building pools for a living instead of acting. (And yes, he gets the irony of being the dude from The Blue Lagoon building, um, lagoons.)

Zac, are you listening?!

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Erika Lynn said...

I was soooo looking forward to this movie and I really want Zac to star in it but I hope they make it even if he won't. There has to be someone who can be amazing.