Monday, September 7, 2009


So, you may have noticed that I wasn't around much this past August. But there was a really good reason for that: I had a baby!

Having a baby has been the most wonderful experience, but there has been one unanticipated side effect that I really didn't see coming. I've heard women complain about long nights, dirty diapers, lack of time for oneself, and crying babies before, but none of that bothers me much. The real problem I've been having with motherhood is this: it's ruined me for reality tv.

Yes, since becoming a mother I can no longer enjoy my reality tv shows. Instead of laughing at the women on Real Chance of Love, all I can think is: this is someone's child. Instead of marveling at the women crying on More to Love, all I can think about is how there's a mother out there who is watching her baby cry on national television.

When will this insanity end?! Will I ever be able to enjoy my reality tv again?? Or am I destined to overthink all of VH1's wonderful low-brow reality offerings?!

Mothers, weigh in!


A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

May a father weigh in? Being a father means it is impossible to watch the commercials for "Girls Gone Wild" without thinking--Stop that!! Pull your shirt down!

And, sorry--it never ends, though things shift. My first parental goal was that my daughters should get on the bus to college not pregnant. I figured that encompassed a few virtues in one goal. That shifted over time as I saw the effect our parenting was having on the little tykes. Our second goal was, therefore, that the kids should not go into heavy therapy until they were on their own health plan.
So far, so good.

Lauren Lipton said...

YES. You will also never again be able to watch Law & Order (especially SVU) or any other crime show or movie, or any horror movie, or read books such as "The Lovely Bones." You will have to turn off the news whenever anything comes on about horrible things happening to children. You will not be able to read the New York Post at all. You will begin wantonly sending money to any charity with a commercial featuring children. Welcome to the rest of your life! And heartfelt congratulations. You will make a wonderful mother. XO

trishalynn0708 said...

I honestly never really had that problem when my kids were little. But now that my kids are older, 3 and 1, I can't hear the TV to watch anything. :)
Congrats on your little one. :)

Dee said...

I'm with Trisha, I have more problems now then when my son was a baby, hope your life if back to somewhat normality soon.

holdenj said...

Congratulations. And welcome to an ever changing life. You will enjoy tv again, just in a different way!

Carolina Baker said...

Brenda - Congrats! It's an old student of yours! Carolina. I'm not a mother yet, but I'm basically a neurotic bawler - anything sad comes on - any love story I hear about - any quasi sad movie, and I'm a gonner. (Did you watch My Sister's Keeper?)
Hope all is well.