Friday, June 29, 2007

The contest winners are here!

I'm so thrilled to be announcing the winners of my crazy wedding story contest!

The winners are:

Tongela Johnson
Larry Doyle
Jessica Shevitz Rauch

Here's the first story, by the lovely Jessica Shevitz Rauch. This one's called: "One."

One. They say it's the loneliest number, but I refused to believe that. I may have been invited to my friend's wedding without a date-- thus making me the only person there who wasn't part of a couple-- but that didn't matter. Sure, one of the main reasons it didn't matter was that I was so single I would have to go back pretty far to even attempt to find a date. But still. I can be a One, I thought. One ain't so bad. Especially if the One is me. It would be drag if I didn't even like the One. But that night – like many others – I liked the One. The One was funny. The One was smart. She had interesting stories to tell, interesting opinions to opine. One had a great dress to wear to the wedding and she just got her hair blown out so One was looking good.

One. It's just a number. One. Can be kinda nice. One. Don't have to check with two. One. When she's ready to go, she can just go.

During the drive to the wedding, One didn't have to change the radio station. One could sing as loudly as One wanted. One was getting excited for a good party. One was looking forward to eating as many pigs in the blanket as One cared to.

I made a right into the Country Club – ooh Valet parking – handed my keys to the attendant who kindly opened my car door for me. "Why, thank you". One gets all the attention.

One walked into the hall – yes! cocktails before the ceremony and oh – what's this? I picked up my place card - Jessica Shevitz - and looked inside.

There in bold print –Table One.

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