Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot daddy!

I went to see Twilight last night and yes, Edward and Bella were everything I thought they'd be.

And more.

But there was something a bit unanticipated that I absolutely lurved about the film: the hot dads.

Am I just getting old or are dads getting hotter? The trend started on Gossip Girl. Sure, Dan is a cutie, but how hot is his dad, Rufus?!

Twilight continued the trend of the crazy hot dad the second Bella's dad hit the screen. Sure, they made him all dad-like with a funky mustache on and all, but you can't fool me! He's the hot guy from My Boys! And, btw, how HIGH-larious is that mustache?! Were they trying to tone down his hotness or something? Or is that just the universal symbol for I'm in law enforcement? Do all cops in Washington state rock 'staches like that? Or is it just for the sheriffs?

But I digress. Here's what he normally looks like:

Hot, right?

I know!!!

And then there's the guy who plays Edward's dad in the film, Peter Facinelli, aka Mr. Jennie Garth. He was on one of my favorite canceled shows of all time, Fastlane, and now here he is, starring as the super-hot Carlisle Cullen.

Dunno if this hot dad will continue, but for now, all I can say is: Daddy-O!


Brooke Reviews said...

The first time they showed Carlisle in the movie, I was like WOAH MAMA that guy is fine! Especially with the really pale skin and blond hair. lol :D

drey said...

Lol! Hot daddy, indeed! =) Thanks for the eye candy!

Meg said...

I have been trying to avoid seeing the movie until I get and read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (in paperback since it would ostensibly be for my teenage daughter!). I may have to break down and go see it just for the eye candy!!!

Irina G said...

OH MY GOD, Bella's dad IS the hot guy from My Boys!!! I can't believe it! (And I can't believe somebody besides me admits to watching that show...).

And Carlise! I swear I never realized it..

Sherri said...

I so need to see this movie! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Peter Facinelli gets my vote for Hottest Dad In A Motion Picture (2008). I wonder if they have a category for that at the Academy Awards? I should have paid better attention when they announced the nominees this morning! :)