Monday, May 18, 2009

Legal eagle

I'm often asked in author interviews and emails from readers about whether or not I miss practicing law. Sadly, the answer is always a big resounding: Hell, NO!

(And then I always wonder if the person asking me the question is in law school, making me feel needlessly guilty that I've dashed some young girl's dream or something....)

The other thing that I'm asked about a lot is what type of law I practiced. The answer is that I did intellectual property law, but saying that just opens up a whole lot more questions, such as-- what on earth is intellectual property law? Well, NY Mag just reported a new case which is exactly the sort of thing I did when I was practicing law: Gucci is suing Guess for trademark infringement, over Guess's use of the "G."

So, there you have it. Except I never represented any clients as glamorous as Gucci. Or even Guess, for that matter. The closest to fashion I actually ever got was a case having to do with Levi's jeans.

And I didn't even get free jeans. Is it any wonder that I left the practice of law?

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gaby317 said...

As a former Weil Gotshal lawyer, I applaud your change of profession!

I'm still trying to figure out what direction to take, but I love stories like yours - reminding the rest of us that there is a varied, happy, and profitable life outside the law!