Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Viva la France!

In the wake of my discovery about my international superstardom, I've got more exciting news to report! SCOT ON THE ROCKS is now available in French!

I've got this totally new fabulous French cover, and it looks like they've taken SCOT's subtitle to use as its title. (But my French is really rusty, so please feel free to correct me!)

But can we discuss how cute this cover is?! Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my American covers. Red Dress Ink's art department truly outdid themselves with both of my book covers, but there's just something about this French cover, isn't there? It's really sassy and sexy, and I just love everything about this version of Brooke. (It's supposed to be Brooke, right?!) From the adorable ponytail to her flirty dress, she just looks too cute for words. And that necklace! Where can I get that necklace?

My sister in law firmly believes that this cover is so European that it wouldn't have done well here in the States, but I don't know.

In my writing classes, I always encourage students to think about the "red dress" theory. (The theory is this: Is the book you are writing/
Are the scenes you are writing the “red dress?” Everyone at a party wears a black dress. The woman in the red dress is the one who stands out. Lots of ideas are black dresses—good, dependable, nice—but only a few are the red dress: total knockouts.)

Well, this cover LITERALLY HAS A RED DRESS RIGHT ON ITS COVER!!! So, that's gotta be good, right?!

So, what do you think? Are the international covers better? Too sexy? Are you already online looking for that necklace??


Ellen said...

It's gorgeous! Congrats, Brenda!!

Mitzy said...

How fun! I kind of want to buy it just so I can try and read it! (I took high school French... lol)

Jacqueline C said...

I like the sassiness of this cover. It's interesting how completely different this one is from the US version.