Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. Penn goes to Washington

I've been reading about this for a while, but now NY Mag has a whole article on it: Kal Penn has officially forsaken acting, for the time being, and has taken a position in the Obama administration.

He'll be working as Associate Director in the Office of Public Liason, and he's going by his real name instead of his stage name: Kalpen Modi. He says that it's what his real friends call him anyway (um, no one ever told me that I could call him that....), and he never legally changed his name to Kal Penn, it's just a stage name. So, Kalpen it is.

This gig in DC is open ended, and it begs the question: Will he be back for another Harold and Kumar movie?! Yes, I know that government is important, but we're talking about Harold and Kumar here! I'm sure that Obama would agree that laughter is important, too, especially in these trying economic times!

Clearly, the only one who can save the new Harold and Kumar movie (A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, currently in production) is NPH. Neil Patrick Harris, take it away!

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Oliver said...

What we all want to know is whether Pen will be returnin for the third harold and kumar film. I set up a facebook group called 'in anticipation of harold and kumar 3' everyone on the net is fighting to be the first to confirm that ka pen will be returning, if you get there before e please let us know, or simply join to keep up with the story.