Thursday, July 16, 2009

United breaks guitars

So, the first thing my husband wants you to know is that he is responsible for 48% of the blog posts you see here. Now, I'm not sure about the math, but my hubby does send me quite a few crazy news stories, to be sure. And, yes, I usually blog about them.

Oh, about 48% of the time.

He recently sent me this awesome story, courtesy of the fine folks over at Seems musician Dave Carroll was traveling on United Airlines, and was horrified to find the baggage handlers tossing guitars around, as he watched, helpless, from the plane. When he arrived at his destination, his guitar was-- wait for it-- broken! Carroll tried to go through various channels over at United in order to get his guitar fixed. But a year later, there was still no resolution.

So, Carroll did what he does best. He wrote a song about it. I just love this, because so often when things like this happen, you're unable to do a thing about it. You try and try to find a solution, but in the end, all you can really do is vent.

But not so if you're a singer-songwriter! If you're like Dave Carroll, you can write a song about it, create a hilarious music video, and then get over 2.5 million hits on You Tube. Nice.

He's posted the entire backstory on his website here. And here's the music video, which I know you're going to love. Enjoy:

Ain't revenge sweet?!


drey said...

I saw this last week, and was going to post about it, then ran out of time (& promptly forgot!!)... =)

Aramena said...

Love the video, good for Dave Carroll! Can't wait to see the second one!