Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pass me the hoodie

I HATE TECHNOLOGY! Yes, I know, I'm ready to be outfitted for my hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, but if I go all Unabomber on you, I promise to wear a totally cute hoodie and super-hot sunglasses.

It all started back in June. In honor of JACK WITH A TWIST, I had a whole new website made. And it really is gorgeous. But from the second we made the switchover, there have been problems. First, my website was down for days at a time. I thought that was bad, but I then found out what bad truly was: My email then began shutting down for days at a time. Now, I'm not very web savvy, so I believed my website peeps when they assured me that all of my emails weren't getting lost—they were out there somewhere in cyberspace, just waiting to be delivered to me.

Well, those people lied.

Turns out, I lost emails. Lots of emails. Emails lost for weeks at a time. No way of recovering them. Which, as a lawyer, boggles my mind. How can emails actually be lost? You're telling me that if I was involved in a RICO investigation or some sort of child pornography operation they wouldn't be able to recover my old "lost" emails?! Exactly. But it turns out that authors don't really get the same attention as do law-breakers.

All of this is made even worse by the fact that in those weeks when the website was going down every other day and I had no access to email, I was doing promotions of countless websites and was offering free bookmarks to anyone who emailed me.

I think that the problems are more or less cleared up by now, but if you sent me an email and I didn't respond, please email me again! And if you asked for a free bookmark and you still haven't gotten it, by all means shoot me another email.

And do it quick, since I'll be shopping for an isolated cabin in the woods any minute now….

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